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Meituan in-building delivery robot

During the three-day logistics DX inspection tour of Shenzhen, China from May 8th to 10th, we visited Meituan's Shenzhen headquarters.

What is Meituan?

Meituan is a Chinese listed company with sales of 4 trillion yen (40 billion USD?), and is funded by Tencent, which owns WeChat. In addition to food delivery, the company also operates the restaurant rating site "Dianping," similar to Tabelog.

Drone Delivery

They have a team of 700 people working on drone delivery and have done a significant number of flights.

We are also improving safety by conducting tests that simulate a drone attack (crash) into another drone.

In-building delivery robot

When I visited the headquarters, what caught my eye was the locker + delivery robot shown in the photo below.

This allows ordered items to be placed in a locker, which can then be delivered within the building.

It is difficult to see in the photograph of this in-building delivery robot, but there are upper and lower drop-in slots on the back of the robot. Once an item is placed in the drop-in boxes, the robot runs, gets on the elevator, and delivers it to the customer in the elevator hall on the specified floor.

Meituan in-building delivery

During our visit to Meituan as part of the Shenzhen Logistics DX Inspection Tour , we were shown the drone delivery control room and received a confidential presentation, but as we are not permitted to disclose this information, please forgive us for providing only limited information.

Please join us for next year's Shenzhen Logistics DX Inspection Tour or our annual Strategic Logistics Seminar held every autumn.

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