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Logistics seminars/training/events

At Progress, we hold a number of seminars, training sessions and events (including domestic and international tours) led by instructors selected by Ryoichi Rio Kakui to help improve your logistics capabilities.

Please join us.

Strategic Logistics Seminar

A popular seminar held every October to learn about the future of logistics


Domestic facility tours

Visiting logistics centers and other facilities in Japan where you can learn

Logistics training request

Targeted training planning for general companies and various organizations


New Year Seminar

A popular seminar held every year in early February to learn about management.


Overseas logistics inspection training

Training to gain new insights through visits to America, China, Southeast Asia, etc.


Logistics instructor request

Lectures to be given by lecturers including Rio Kakui


Small seminar

Small-group intensive seminars

Group training

Logistics beginner's course, qualification course, logistics strategy course, etc.

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