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Ryoichi Kakui

Strategic Logistics Specialist and Entrepreneur

Born in Osaka and raised in Nara.

He completed his studies at Sophia University in three years and earned an MBA from Golden Gate University in one year and three months, majoring in marketing.

After returning to Japan, he joined Funai Research Institute.

After working for a real estate company (new business development) and his family business, Kouki Logistics, he founded E-Logit Co., Ltd. in 2000.

Listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Standard Market in 2021.

[Works] Published over 40 books (including in Japan, the US, China, Taiwan, South Korea and Vietnam), including "Logistics Revolution 2024" (Nikkei), "State-of-the-Art Logistics Strategy" (PHP), and "Amazon and the Logistics War" (NHK).

[Media] Fuji TV, TBS, NHK, MBS, etc. explain #redeliveryproblem, #2024problem , etc.

Japan Society of Logistics Director

Special Advisor to the National Light Cargo Association

NewsPicks Pro Picker

EO Director (joined in 2000)

you can do it if you try

Ryoichi Rio Kakui


TV Programs Appeared:
TBS "Hiruobi!", Fuji TV "Mezamashi TV", "Mezamashi 8", "Tokudane!", Nippon TV "Sukkiri!", TV Asahi "Wide Scramble", "Hatori Shinichi's Morning Show", "Good! Morning", "Hasshin! Mirai Creators", TBS news program "N-Sta", TV Asahi news program "Super J Channel", Mainichi Broadcasting System "Chichin Puipui", Mainichi Broadcasting System news programs "Yonchan TV" and "VOICE", Asahi Broadcasting System "Tell me! News Live: Justice's Friend", "Ikegami Akira's Doudou? Journal", "News Okaeri", BS Nippon TV "Deep News", BS Japan "Nikkei Plus 10 Saturday" and "Nikkei Plus 10", etc. Radio programs he has appeared on:
NHK Radio's "Evening News Preview," TBS's "Morimoto Takero Standby!", J-WAVE's "JAM THE WORLD" and "STEP ONE," NACK5's "Kimura Tatsuya Business Forest," TOKYO FM's "BLUEOCEAN," Bay FM's "Power Bay Morning," etc. *If you wish to request a television or radio appearance, please first read [Before requesting an appearance from Kakui].

Newspapers and magazines in which he has written and appeared:
Online media where writings and appearances have been made include the Nihon Keizai Shimbun, Nikkei Business, Toyo Keizai, Weekly Diamond, Weekly Economist, Nikkei Business Daily, Nikkei MJ, Yomiuri Shimbun, Mainichi Shimbun, Mail Order Shimbun, Ryutsu Sangyo Shimbun, WEDGE, and Weekly Gendai:
Nikkei Business Online, Toyo Keizai Online, Diamond Online, C-NET, Tsuhan Tsuushin, ECzine, Online Shop Manager Forum, IRONNA (Sankei Digital), BEST TIMES (KK Bestsellers), LOGI BIZ, Yusou Keizai, Logistics Weekly, etc. *If you would like to request writing or interviews, please apply via [Request a writing request for Kakui].

Public office:
Director of the Japan Society of Logistics Visiting Professor at Tama University Graduate School "Latest Logistics Strategy"


Lecture topic:
"Amazon and the Great Logistics War" "Amazon: A shock to the home delivery industry"
"What will happen? The era of 6 billion home deliveries - redelivery issues, new entrants, self-delivery"
"Survive with Omnichannel"
"Survival in the Retail Industry: Amazon's Three Brick-and-Mortar Store Formats"
"Logistics DX" "Logistics industry seizes opportunities amid COVID-19 pandemic"
Lectures given include "How to improve logistics - Aligning vectors"
<Financial institutions>
SMBC Nikko Securities, JP Morgan, Citigroup Securities, Nomura Securities, Mizuho Securities, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, Kagoshima Bank, SMBC Consulting, Mizuho Research Institute, Shoko Chukin Bank, Tokyo Small and Medium Enterprise Investment Development Association, and others (Government agencies)
Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, Kitakyushu City, and others (Logistics industry associations)
Japan Warehouse Association, Kumamoto Trucking Association, Ibaraki Trucking Association, Aichi Trucking Association, Japan Society of Logistics, Japan Institute of Logistics Systems, and others (industry associations)
Shikoku Productivity Center, Kyushu Productivity Center, Distribution System Development Center, All Japan Supermarket Association, Chugoku CGC, G1 Ventures, Direct Marketing Society, Mailing Service Association, Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Japan Junior Chamber, Osaka Prefecture Industrial Association, Osaka Prefecture Management Rationalization Association, Osaka Industrial Creation Center, Hara Integrated Intellectual Communication System Foundation, DIY Show, and others (General Companies)
AEON, Mitsukoshi Isetan Business Services, YAZUYA, Kibun Fresh System, OBIC, University of Posts and Telecommunications, Senko, Nippon Express Research Institute, Kobayashi Create, Yongwang (China) Investment Co., Ltd. (AEON China), and others <Media>
Business world, Nikkei Newspaper, Senken Shimbun, Foreign Press Center, domestic and international affairs, etc. (Graduate schools, universities, etc.)
Stanford University, Waseda Business School, Tama Graduate School, Waseda University, Sophia University, Asia University, Senshu University, Osaka Sangyo University, University of Marketing and Distribution Sciences, Tokyo Keizai University, and other institutions.

G-1 Ventures, Horasis (1 time in Thailand, 2 times in Vietnam), Japan Management Association, etc.

​【Profile in English】

Ryoichi "Rio" Kakui (born October 25, 1968) was born in Osaka, raised in Nara Prefecture, and now lives near Akihabara, Tokyo, Japan.
Once a student at Department of Economics, Faculty of Economics at Sophia University, he had earned all university credits by his junior year and later became one of the attendants in a seminar supervised by Professor Toshimi Tanaka, who later became the founding chairman of the Japan Academic Society of Direct Marketing.
After his graduation, he moved to the United States of America and studied in Golden Gate University where he obtained the Marketing MBA. After his return to Japan, he joined Funai Consulting Inc. and worked as a consultant for retailers.
Later he entered Koki Group, a logistics company, and served as a logistics consultant. One of the most successful project during his career at Koki Group was a full launch of a logistics center for a company listed on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange under the scheme of gainsharing (a pay-per-success model of business process outsourcing), which was the first of its kind in Japan.
On February 14, 2000 he founded a company named e-LogiT Co., ltd. and has become its first Chief Executive Officer. e-LogiT is a logistics service provider focused and specialized in the eCommerce business and currently serves more than 200 contractee companies which number ranks No. 1 among its competitors in addition to provision of other business services including logistics consulting, in-house education, and on-site training programs.
He is also the owner and director of a company named lightvan co. ltd., a service representative focused on selling goods for musicians and artists. In 2015, he launched a company Uketoru Co., Ltd., an app developer focused on developing life-hack apps for stopping re-deliveries of purchased goods; he also co-founded a logistics IT company called SHIPPOP in Thailand with Pawoot (Pom) Pongvitayapanu who is the founder of, the biggest eCommerce retailer in Thailand.
As of Today, he has published more than 32 books which are now sold in many different languages including Japanese, English, traditional and simplified Chinese, Korean, and Vietnamese. Two of his previous publications, "Butsuryu ga Wakaru" and "Omunityaneru Senryaku", both published by Nikkei Publishing Inc. were translated into English under the title of "Strategic Logistics in Japan" and "Omni-Channel Strategy in U.S. and Japan".


History of TV Program appearance:
"Hiru-Obi" (TV Asahi)
"Sukkiri!" (NTV)
"Wide Scramble" (TBS)
"Chichin Pui-Pui" (MBS)
"Ikegami Akira No Dounaru Journal?" (MBS)


History of Radio Program appearance:
"Morimoto Takurou: Stand By!" (TBS Radio)
"Jam the World" (J-Wave)
"Kimura Tatsuya, Business no Mori" (Nack 5)


History of publishing books in Japan, US, China, Taiwan, Korea and Vietnamese:
"Logistics Revolution 2024" (Nikkei)
"Logistics Revolution" (Nikkei)
"Under standing Logistics" (Nikkei)
"Amazon and Logistics War" (NHK)
"Logistics Crisis" (Takarajimasha)
"Logistics Clash" (Softbank publications)
"Strategic Logistics in Japan" (Kindle)
"Omni-Channel Strategy in U.S. and Japan" (Kindle)


Twitter: @rkakui

[List of books by Ryoichi Kakui] Click here for the list

1. "Easy-to-understand IT Logistics" (Nihon Jitsugyo Publishing)
2. "IT Logistics: Easy to Understand" Korean 3. "IT Logistics: Easy to Understand" Traditional Chinese 4. "IT Logistics: Easy to Understand" Simplified Chinese 5. "Illustrated: Understanding the Basics of Logistics" (Nihon Jitsugyo Publishing)
6. "Illustrated: Understanding the Basics of Logistics" Simplified Chinese 7. "How to Improve Logistics" 4th edition (Kankishuppan)
8. "The Easy Guide to Strategic Logistics" (Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun)
9. "Logistics knowledge that retail and wholesale businesses need to know" (Shogyokai)
10. Commuting University Practical MBA: Strategic Logistics (Horei Publishing)
11. "Understanding Logistics" 6th Edition (Nikkei Bunko)
12. "Understanding Logistics" (English) "Strategic Logistics in Japan"
13. "Illustrated: Everything about Logistics" 6th edition, Japanese (Nihon Jitsugyo Publishing)
14. "Illustrated: Everything about Logistics" Simplified Chinese 15. "A Great Company Where People Grow" 3rd Edition, Zaikei 16. "Omni-Channel Strategy" 4th Edition (Nikkei Bunko)
17. Omni-Channel Strategies in the US and Japan
18. "Amazon and the Great Logistics War" (NHK Publishing) 5th printing, 23,000 copies!
19. "Understand Omnichannel in 2 Hours" (Asahi Publishing) For store managers all over Japan!
20. "Amazon and the Great Logistics War" (English version) "Amazon: A Comparative Analysis of US and Japan Logistics"
21. "Logistics Clash: Online Delivery to Challenge Amazon" SB Shinsho 22. "Omni-Channel Strategy" Simplified Chinese Edition (Mainland China)
23. "The Great Collapse of Logistics" (Takarajimasha)
24. "Amazon and the Logistics War" Traditional Chinese (Taiwan)
25. "Easy-to-understand Manga on Logistics" (Japan Management Association Management Center)
26. "Amazon, Nitori, ZARA... Amazing Logistics Strategies" (PHP Business Shinsho)
27. "Logistics Revolution" (Nikkei Mook)
28. "Amazon and the Logistics War" Simplified Chinese version (Mainland China)
29. "Amazon, Nitori, ZARA... Amazing Logistics Strategies" Vietnamese version 30. "Illustrated: Everything about Logistics" Simplified Chinese 31. "Understanding Logistics <2nd Edition>" (Nikkei Bunko)
32. "Logistics Revolution 2020" 2nd Edition (Nikkei Mook)
33. "Logistics Revolution 2021" (Nikkei Mook)
34. Logistics Strategy: A Quick Look Notebook
35. "Logistics Revolution 2022" (Nikkei Mook)
36. "A book that clearly explains the latest trends and mechanisms of EC logistics" (Hidewa System)
37. "Logistics Revolution 2023" (Nihon Keizai Shimbun Publishing)
38. "Strategic logistics to capture customers"
39. "Logistics Revolution 2024" (Nihon Keizai Shimbun Publishing)
40. "Cutting-edge Logistics Strategy" (PHP Business Shinsho)
Total 40 books (including planned books)

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