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A legendary logistics seminar that has been running for 24 years!

Strategic Logistics Seminar

A seminar for logistics executives, logistics division chiefs, and logistics department managers to help you anticipate the times and improve your company's capabilities through logistics.

Recruitment will be announced in the morning edition of the Logistics Talk.



What is the Strategic Logistics Seminar?

The Strategic Logistics Seminar is a future-oriented seminar that has been held annually since 2000 and is targeted at logistics executives, logistics division chiefs, and logistics department managers.


In the past, the seminar was held in Tokyo and Osaka with a scale of 500 people, but in order to hold a more intimate seminar, it will be held once in Tokyo with a scale of 250 people. (After COVID-19, the scale has been reduced to 100 people.)

We would like you to improve your company's corporate strength and product appeal based on strategic logistics thinking. For that reason, we explained the models of Office Glico and Kakuyasu from the perspective of logistics operations and strategic logistics.

In order to stay ahead of the times and help you take the initiative, we invited President Takino to speak at a talk event during the early days of Mujin, and before the home delivery crisis occurred, we invited food delivery company Ride On Express to hold a discussion.

We will continue to improve the content so that you can improve your business capabilities through distribution and logistics.

Past lecturers

Kazuo Okazaki, General Manager, Logistics Department, Shiseido Co., Ltd.
Mr. Isao Endo, Chairman, Roland Berger Co., Ltd. Mr. Masaya Aikawa, General Manager, Office Glico Promotion Department, Ezaki Glico Co., Ltd.
Yuasa Consulting Co., Ltd. President and CEO Kazuo Yuasa
Mr. Yoshitake Suwa, Managing Director, Waku Consulting Co., Ltd.
Junji Nagasaka, Manager of the Logistics Planning Group, FANCL Corporation
Toichi Kimura, President and CEO, NRI Network Communications, Inc.
JUKI CORPORATION Sales Management Department, Trade Operations Division, Katsuro Ogihara Snack Food Service Co., Ltd. Representative Director Satoru Nagashima, Managing Director Koichi Ichiyama
Junichi Sato, CEO, Kakuyasu Co., Ltd. Naoki Yoshinaga, General Manager, Fulfill CRM Promotion Department, Orbis Co., Ltd. Yoshihide Okuyama, CEO, Sunco Industry Co., Ltd.
Kitamura Co., Ltd. Executive Officer and General Manager of the E-Commerce Business Department, Mitsujiro Hemmi
Lawson Co., Ltd. Executive Officer and General Manager of the Home Convenience Department, Kazuya Nobe
Home Logistics Co., Ltd. President and CEO Manabu Matsuura
Mr. Kazuyuki Takino, CEO and co-founder of MUJIN Co., Ltd. Mr. Masahiro Matsuoka, CEO of Frontier Management Co., Ltd. Mr. Michiaki Tanaka, Professor at Rikkyo University Business School
Ride On Express Co., Ltd. Executive Manager Kazuhiro Shibuya CBcloud Co., Ltd. CEO Ryuichi Matsumoto Workman Co., Ltd. Senior Managing Director Tetsuo Tsuchiya Oisix La Daichi Co., Ltd. Executive Officer COCO Takashi Okutani BEAMS HOLDINGS Co., Ltd. Logistics Division General Manager Makoto Takekawa Links Co., Ltd. President and CEO Shigenobu Kobashi

Best of Zoo LLC Representative Director Tsuyoshi Kitayama

Koichi Tasaka, Chief Data Scientist, Digital Innovation Project, SCM Division, Kao Corporation

Mitsutaka Kobayashi, Senior Manager, Fulfillment Team, E-Commerce Development Department, United Arrows Ltd.

Koichiro Tokuoka, Professor Emeritus, Tama University Graduate School

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